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Year 4 - Hawks

Welcome to Hawks Class 

Hello, and welcome, to Hawks Year 4! 

We have lots of wonderful things in store for the children this year.  We will be focusing on three main themes throughout this year: The Stone Age to the Iron Age, Ancient Rome, and the Anglo-Saxons.

Each morning we take part in Maths and English, then in the afternoons we delve into our exciting topics; Science, DT, History, Geography, Art or all our other curriculum subjects.

In the Autumn Term we will be learning about Living Things and their Habitats and Animals including Humans in Science learning about the digestive system and our teeth.  Our History topic is The Stone Age to the Iron Age.   In Geography, we will be covering physical geography looking in greater detail about our volatile earth; learning how volcanoes are made and why and when they erupt, then earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes.  This term we are also hoping to have the opportunity to learn all about African Drumming.  

The Spring Term will take us to Ancient Rome.  We will learn about this ancient civilisation and what made them such a driving force. We will have an opportunity to design and make our own Roman mosaics.  In Science, we turn to Chemistry and investigate the different states of matter and also the Water Cycle.

Finally, in the Summer Term we will be reading and studying the book 'Beowulf'.  This is set in the Anglo-Saxon period which links to our History topic for the term.  Religious Education has us finding out more about the Jewish faith, why the synagogue is an important building for the Jewish people and more about important times in the Jewish calendar.  In Science, it becomes all about Sound; how sounds are made using vibrations, how we hear sounds and the different tones, and then we investigate sound proofing using the best materials.  

As you can see lots to do and learn in Hawks class this year. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us; via the office or email.