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Year 1 - Butterflies

Welcome to Butterflies Class

My name is Miss Campbell and I am the class teacher. Our Learning Support Assistants (LSA's) are Miss Donnison, Miss Longley, Mrs Steptoe, Miss McKinnon and Mrs Ruby.

The key focus of Year One is to help the children's transition from Early Years into Key Stage One. This is achieved through similar principles of the Early Years Practice, where children have time for structured learning and then the opportunity to choose their own learning. Year One is the transition gap between learning through play to learning in a more structured, but still hands on and creative way. 

The topics we will be exploring are 'Toys Through the Years', ‘Where Do We Live?' and 'Wish You Were Here!'. In these topics we incorporate our learning throughout the whole curriculum to ensure the children explore them through many perspectives. 

We hope the children have fun!

Supporting Your Child at Home

It is very beneficial to support your child's learning at home.

Daily reading helps to expand their vocabulary as well as their reading skills.

Practice reading the common exception words - they are not phonetically decodable and need to be learnt by sight and recognition.