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Our Inclusive Values

We have identified 7 core values that sit alongside our whole school ethos and core British Values. They are concerned with mutual respect, cultural diversity, social inclusion and community cohesion and contribute to the establishment of a positive climate for teaching and learning.

Respect Respect is thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself or others. Respect is also thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their well-being.
Collaboration Collaboration is created by working jointly with another person or a group of people.
Resilience Resilience is the ability to withstand and recover quickly from difficulties.
Integrity Integrity is having a strong sense of honesty; a strong belief in what is right.
Compassion Compassion is a feeling of sharing another's suffering that leads to a desire to help.
Courage Courage is the ability to face fear or danger; bravery.
Pride Pride is a sense of personal value that comes from what has been achieved.




During the year we consider how we can encourage reflective practices that encourage and promote the importance of these values, which led to our children developing a greater awareness of positive behaviours and attitudes - their role within the school Community as well as the wider community.

All values are displayed prominently in and around school. One value is the focus for each half term and is a focus in assemblies; it is also included in newsletters to parents. We can identify aspects of the curriculum that could make a specific contribution to the focus value.

We continue to promote our Values learning, by encouraging the children to become ‘Stepgates Value Champions.’ These children will have shown how they can continually and consistently display all 7 of the Inclusive values at school and at home. As the role of a ‘Stepgates Value Champion,’ they must continue to promote our Inclusive values around school and in the wider community.