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Physical Education (P.E)

At Stepgates, we are passionate about the wellbeing of all the children within our school and aim to take a holistic approach to this. We encourage talk so that children are able to express their feelings and provide time for them to do this. We understand that not all children can access this and that physical expression is often more appropriate or accessible for many. In light of the recent pandemic, it is now even more important to consider the children’s emotional and physical wellbeing and that many may not have had access to physical activity.

Our aim is to initially engage children in a range of activities to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Alongside this, we aim to develop stamina within their general physical fitness with PE lessons and clubs encouraging development of the key physical skills such as balance, coordination, strength, stamina and flexibility, which are all key skills in physical development. We are delighted that we now have our new swimming pool and this is another resource which enables us to provide good quality physical activity. We also further enrich our Physical Education further by developing links with Forest Schools through the provision of Outdoor Adventurous Activities.

Most importantly, we want to develop the children’s desire to participate and gain a sense of enjoyment and fun in what they do, so that they are able to maintain this and see and feel the benefits for themselves. Once children have started to develop their confidence again, we can build on this at a more competitive level, but must aim for children to work towards their own personal best first. Plans are in place to roll out a new PE scheme in September 2021 and all KS2 children will be taught by the PE subject leader, to ensure continuity and progression, within our broad and balanced curriculum.

At Stepgates, we as a whole staff, fully understand the importance and impact of physical activity in the promotion of focus and concentration within the classroom and that this can be used to promote and improve mental wellbeing too.