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Including music in our curriculum at Stepgates Community school, we are helping children to develop in a variety of ways. Participating in musical activities, including a lively whole school weekly singing assembly, helps children to develop areas of the brain related to communication, language and reasoning, as well as promoting confidence, passion, creativity and teamwork. The skills that children learn at primary school form the basis for them to be able to go on and sing or play at a higher level. 

Our teaching and implementation of the Music Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.  The statutory requirements, along with supporting schemes, Charanga and Oak Academy, help us to approach the subject with creativity and imagination in lessons.  Children experience music from a range of historical periods, genres and traditions through our 'Composer of the month' initiative, that promotes a range of musical styles to our pupils and the wider community. There are regular opportunities for singing, playing tuned and untuned instruments, and exploring ways music can be notated. The musical elements of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure are introduced in the foundation stage, and are then explored further and in more detail as the children move through school.

We are proud of the Arts at Stepgates school, and thread Music through our academic year with concerts, festivities and extra-curricular clubs, all which have helped us to achieve a Silver Artsmark award.