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English & Modern Foreign Languages

At Stepgates we take pride in our English Curriculum, and the depth of study which pupils are immersed into through teaching. Each class studies a focus text which links to their current topic and inspires writing, reading and vocabulary progression. These books are carefully chosen with children's interests, learning and opportunities in mind. Please come and visit our school to see what each class is enjoying at the moment!


By the end of their Stepgates journey, we want children to be confident readers, to be able to listen to others and use appropriate vocabulary to express their wants and needs. We wish for all children to be able to use their knowledge of spoken language to inform written language, fit for purpose and audience.

By ensuring a curriculum that is progressive in both teaching and expectation, children will be given daily opportunity to practice embedding the skills that will enable these outcomes to be achieved. Through cross-curricular teaching and focus texts to engage a variety of interests, opportunities are consistent and holistic. Through consistent assessment, all learners are afforded the opportunity for both same day and weekly intervention to address misconceptions, and further develop talented linguists and writers.